Six Month Smiles


Do you have crooked teeth, and wish there was a way to fix them that didn't involve lengthy orthodontic treatment? Six Months Smiles can give you a gorgeous new smile faster than you ever thought possible. Depending on the condition of your teeth, Six Months Smiles orthodontic treatment might be right for your smile. Broussard, LA dentist, Dr. William S. Darr offers Six Months Smiles to patients who qualify.Fast Braces in Broussard

What is Six Months Smiles?

Six Months Smiles is a tooth alignment system that uses braces to fix certain kinds of tooth alignment problems. The Six Months Smiles treatment can address aesthetic problems in the "smile zone" within six months.

How is this different from regular braces? Conventional orthodontic treatment addresses both aesthetic and functional problems. This means it improves tooth alignment so that teeth look good and function properly. Six Months Smiles is different because it treats aesthetic problems only. By focusing on the teeth that are visible when you smile, this system can complete treatment much faster than conventional orthodontics.

Who Qualifies for Six Months Smiles?

Because Six Months Smiles is for treating cosmetic tooth alignment problems only, it's not a good choice for people with problems such as underbite and overbite. It won't affect the alignment of back teeth, so it's also not the right choice for people who need treatment in those areas.

So who is it good for? Six Months Smiles is a great choice for people who have minor tooth alignment problems in the smile zone. For example if one or more of your front teeth are crowded together, have gaps between them, or are crooked in way, you may qualify for fast braces treatment.

Six Months Smiles in Broussard, LA

Six Months Smiles is not suitable for everyone. But when you are a candidate, you can achieve great results, fast! Because of this, Dr. Darr spends lots of time with each patient to make sure they fully understand the process and what it can achieve. For those people who want to improve their teeth but aren't suitable for Six Months Smiles, Dr. Darr will recommend a trusted orthodontist to offer alternative treatments.

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Six Months Smiles can give you a gorgeous new smile in a short amount of time, and if you're a good candidate for the treatment you could get started right away. Contact us at William S. Darr, DDS in Broussard, LA, to schedule your appointment.