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If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, but find that you cannot tolerate your CPAP or BIPAP, you will be glad to hear that recent advances in technology now make it possible for Dr. Darr to help treat sleep apnea with a device known as oral appliance therapy (OAT) which helps shift the jaw forward, opening up the airway.

It is estimated that only around 40% of patients actually wear their CPAP masks because they can be uncomfortable and challenging to sleep in. If a CPAP isn’t being used it isn’t helping! Dr. Darr’s practice is unique because it is one of the few Acadiana dental practices that can handle all of your sleep apnea care from the very beginning to the end in one office location.

You deserve to sleep and feel rested….and so does your better half – and Dr. Darr can help! Book your FREE consultation today!


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