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Born on the Bayou

Babies need their gums wiped with a soft washcloth from the day they’re born to get rid of bacteria buildup. This keeps the future site of baby teeth healthy and ready for little chompers to emerge.

William Darr, DDS starts seeing kids when they are three years old. By that age, most kids will have about 20 baby teeth—also called deciduous or primary teeth. Some people believe primary teeth aren’t very important, but they help kids learn to chew and speak, serving as placeholders for permanent teeth that arrive later.

Knee-High to a Grasshopper

A dental checkup before your child turns three isn’t a bad idea. We would be happy to refer you to a pediatric dentist that specializes in dental care for young babies until they turn three. Most dentists recommend a checkup when baby teeth begin emerging, which happens around one year. Infant toothbrushes and non-fluoride training toothpaste use can start when baby teeth appear—and when two or more teeth touch, gentle flossing can begin.

How Kids Learn Oral Hygiene

We all hope for healthy kids, and of course that includes healthy teeth. Thumb sucking and pacifier use arise with younger kids and developing bites, and those problems may be resolved by the time your child meets Dr. Darr—and if issues linger, he can help. As kids get older, they adjust to daily flossing and brushing twice a day for two minutes each time. You can brush your teeth beside them, narrating where you brush, how, and why—and when it comes to making that two minutes stick, you can get creative. Don’t be afraid to be silly and have some fun!

Oral Hygiene for Kids

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How Can You Get Kids to Brush?

  • Use a timer
  • Brush to a song
  • YouTube videos
  • Phone apps
  • Brush during a commercial break

They Are Your Sunshine

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If Your Mini Needs a Filling or Crown

Dr. Darr offers durable fillings and crowns for our pediatric patients to make—and keep—their smiles as bright and strong as they are. Our team will do everything we can to make your little one as comfortable as possible!


You may wonder how important it is for your young athlete to wear a custom-fitted mouthguard. The statistics for sports-related dental injury seem like a solid argument for preserving those precious grins. A mouthguard is even more necessary for kids wearing traditional braces—not only can the wires and brackets cause injury, the braces themselves can become permanently damaged—not to mention your child’s mouth, face, neck and jaw.

Mouthguards Infographic

Dr. Darr Offers Pulpotomy & Pulpectomy

  • Pulpotomy or pulpectomy are also called “baby root canals” because they are only performed on baby teeth
  • The purpose of pulp therapy is to treat infection & preserve the natural tooth until the permanent one arrives

Fight Cavities Like a Ninja

Brushing and flossing keep most cavities away, even without throwing stars—but some of us are more cavity-prone for one reason or another, whether it’s genetic, hygiene habits or just plain bad luck. For those people—both kids AND adults—there are dental sealants.

Sealants for the Win!

Chewing surfaces of molars and premolars are covered with pits and fissures, making plaque almost impossible to brush or floss away. Food remains stuck in them, bacteria join the party, and an oasis for cavities and tooth decay is created. Kids between 6 and 14 are most susceptible to cavities in these locations. Sealants are thin coatings applied to chewing surfaces, preventing cavities and decay. Dentists recommend sealants as soon as kids’ first and second molars come in. Sealants can literally save a cavity-prone child’s teeth.

Sealants Illustration

Should You Seal the Deal?

Dr. Darr will let you know if he thinks sealants would help your child’s smile stay healthy and bright.

  • Oral hygiene is just as important
  • Regular checkups are a must
  • Sealants are just extra protection

Give Them a Healthy
Head Start

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What if My Child is Afraid of the Dentist?

Nervous kids are hardly alone—many adults fear the dentist, too! Dr. Darr and the team do all we can to make our youngest patients feel comfortable in our office. We talk to them about what’s happening at the appropriate age level and take time to listen to their questions and concerns.

Tweens & Teens

What’s on the mind of teens and tweens when it comes to their teeth? Their concerns are similar to those adults have, but they may be too self-conscious to discuss them with parents. As kids grow up and think more about their looks, they may become anxious about their teeth appearing white or straight enough, as well as their breath being fresh. Dr. Darr and the team discuss those issues with tweens and teens sensitively, sharing advice about oral hygiene and good nutrition connecting to looking and feeling their best. If your teen is approaching adulthood, we can provide wisdom teeth extractions from the comfort of their dental home.

Wisdom Teeth Infographic

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*Dr. Darr is a general dentist providing orthodontics, oral surgery, and pediatric dentistry services.

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