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Different life factors affect teeth. Even those who try to avoid “bad” things (coffee, soda, sugar, alcohol, tobacco) and practice good oral hygiene can sometimes have accidents, grind their teeth, or be predisposed to dental problems—and have teeth that need a little TLC. William Darr, DDS is here with exceptional restorative dentistry skills for your whole family.

Not Your Grandma’s Choppers

Modern dental restorations are fabricated from the most advanced materials on the market. Fillings, crowns, and implant restorations are color-matched to your natural teeth. Implants can anchor single or multiple teeth to the jaw with titanium posts that mimic a tooth root for lifelong dental solutions.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings not only look more natural than metal ones, their composite construction bonds directly with the tooth so more of its healthy structure can remain in the mouth. Small areas of a composite filling may be repaired rather than replaced, and tooth-colored fillings don’t crack natural teeth as frequently as metal fillings do.

Tooth-Colored Fillings Can Be Made Of:

  • Plastic & glass
  • Porcelain
  • Resin
  • Zirconia
  • A combination of these

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Tooth-Colored Crowns

Tooth-colored crowns not only cover a damaged tooth—they also strengthen it. They may be constructed of similar materials to tooth-colored fillings, and like tooth-colored fillings, Dr. Darr matches them to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.

What is a Crown?

Sometimes a dental crown is called a cap. A crown is a fixed prosthetic restoration that is cemented onto a tooth. Only a dentist can safely remove a crown once it has been placed. A crown improves the look and function of a damaged or decayed tooth, building up its strength and alignment in the mouth.

A dental implant can be topped off with a crown, which is called a dental implant restoration. Sometimes a root canal will require a crown to finish the job as well.

Dental Bridges

Bridges are a dental restoration designed to fill a gap between a missing tooth or teeth. They secure an artificial tooth to adjacent natural teeth or dental implants to add stability and return function and aesthetics to the smile.

Benefits of Dental Bridges:

  • Cover space where one or more teeth are missing
  • Are cemented to natural teeth or implants around the space where the absent tooth was
  • Can improve the appearance, shape, alignment, and bite of the teeth

Partials: An Alternative to Dentures

Partials, sometimes called partial dentures, are usually designed to be removable and replace several missing teeth when some healthy natural teeth remain. They prevent shifting teeth, fill gaps and improve chewing and speaking capability, but they have different maintenance requirements than full dentures.


Dentures are intended to replace a full arch of teeth. Like partials, dentures improve everyday functions like chewing and speaking as well as appearance and facial structure. Dentures are available in two different forms—the traditional, removable type and implant-supported dentures, which can be secured to the jaw with dental implants. Ask Dr. Darr about your options!

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What Do Root Canals Do?

The short answer is that they remove infection from inside the tooth. Dr. Darr removes the infection, sealing the tooth chamber and capping the tooth with a crown.

Root canals get a bad rap, but they are no more complicated or uncomfortable than a filling these days.

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Dental Implants: The Leader in Tooth Replacement

Implants are artificial teeth secured to the jaw by a titanium post that mimics a tooth root as it heals. Dr. Darr will refer you to a trusted colleague for the placement of your implant post. Once the implant post has fully healed by incorporating itself into your jaw, Dr. Darr can perform implant restoration with a beautiful customized crown, bridge, or implant-supported dentures to put the finishing touch on your new tooth.

Your implant restoration will be color-matched to your natural teeth, and your implant will blend in perfectly. Implants are the #1 choice of both dentists and patients for the replacement of teeth. Their durable construction is meant to last a lifetime—and usually does when cared for properly.

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You’ll Love Your New Teeth

Imagine being able to enjoy all your favorite beverages and foods easily. You’ll never think of covering your mouth when you laugh or smile again.

  • You’ll eat with confidence
  • You’ll smile more often
  • You’ll feel better about yourself!

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